In his current role as an Auditor Evaluator for the California State Auditor’s Office, Ben Testani conducts performance audits at the request of the legislature. He evaluates the efficiency of state and local government agencies, boards, and initiatives.

On his last project, a massive audit of the California Air Resources Board, he discovered a state program that was underestimating its emissions reductions impact by 40 percent. This faulty reporting was preventing California from accurately determining its progress toward its emissions reductions goals.

The audit made national news, featured in publications such as Bloomberg Law, The San Francisco Chronicle, Cal Matters, and The Sacramento Bee.

You can read the entire audit report, including the work Ben Testani contributed, here.

Ben Testani also has extensive experience as a social media manager. He spent two years directing the social media posts of Notre Dame football on game days. This experience included posting during marquee events such as the College Football Playoff in 2018 and the Camping World Bowl in 2019.

He frequently posted content that garnered hundreds of thousands of impressions, especially on Twitter. Some of the most successful posts are included below.

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