Digital Strategy

I have worked as a digital strategist for six years and counting across a variety of industries. No matter what type of project I am working on, I pride myself on tailoring my language to each platform and audience to ensure I reach people where they naturally reside online.

This is just a sample of the digital strategy work I have contributed in my time in the industry. For examples of my other skills, check out my Special Projects page. Interested in collaborating? Reach out today.

Digital Advertising

During the 2022 elections, the Civic Alliance for a Prosperous Economy (CAPE) hired my firm to run ads targeting voters in key Washington state and local elections. However, in response to recent legislation and ongoing litigation, social media platforms like Meta were not accepting ads for state and local races in Washington. Rather than accept defeat, I worked with my team to leverage banner ads via Deploy to target users on other sites. In part due to our ads, CAPE-backed candidates won more than 80% of their 2022 races

I have also run ads on behalf of for-profit clients. Local Central New York bank Seneca Savings was spending thousands of dollars each month on digital ads with no overarching strategy in place. For the first two weeks of my summer with the bank, I reviewed the bank’s goals and the digital ad offerings of its competitors. I then designed and implemented a cohesive plan to target key demographic groups through Facebook and Google Ads. By the end of the summer, the bank’s digital marketing costs were a third of what they were before I started while their impressions had increased by more than 300% across all channels.

What is my final recommendation?
Working in tandem with other employees, I would like to develop a model for daily posts to go out on Facebook. More content will drive more views to our page, increasing post engagement. The more viewers the page has, the more helpful the analytics provided by Facebook are in researching the customer base. Seneca Savings should also start advertising on Facebook with heavily targeting ad campaigns. I can help design the ads in conjunction with different departments or employees more knowledgeable about the field of finance. Boosted posts should be saved for the most important updates but not ignored in entirety. Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool that can help Seneca Savings grow and contend with local competitors for more customers.
A screenshot from my ad plan delivered to the executive management of Seneca Savings


During the 2022 election cycle, I wrote emails for (VDO), the largest 501(c)3 dedicated to increasing voter turnout. My emails helped VDO make over 200 million contacts with potential voters and drove the third-highest midterm election turnout of the modern era.

Political campaigns and non-profits rely on email for a significant portion of their fundraising. I crafted captivating fundraising emails based on relatively niche topics like state elections for attorney general, helping VDO fund their national voter outreach efforts — all while taking care to work in calls to action, such as reminding potential donors to ensure their voter registration was current.

While elections for governor or senator might take up much of the media attention, the attorney general’s office is one of the most important positions in the entire state. As elected officials, AGs are responsive to public policy needs. And as chief law enforcement officers, they also have significant sway over how a state’s police officers enforce the law and handle crime in your community.


We want you to be able to have a say in who your attorney general is. Checking your voter registration takes just 30 seconds and couldn’t be easier.

Every vote matters. Check your registration now to ensure yours will be counted today.


Thank you,

P.S. If you found this email useful, will you please chip in $3 to support the cost of registering another voter today?
A snippet from a VDO email I composed

Of course, email is for far more than just raising money. I was part of the team that drafted get out the vote (GOTV) emails for VDO in the run up to the 2022 election. We sent voters in each state and territory emails and texts at the 30, 14, and 1 day mark with updated information on options available to them so that they could cast their ballots, including voting by mail and voting early when applicable. I also helped translate GOTV outreach to Spanish for voters who indicated this was their preferred language.

Social Media

I have managed social media accounts on every major platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Reddit. If I had to pick a personal favorite, it would be Twitter, but I am comfortable operating on any social channel. I strive to channel the voice and character of the brand or person for whom I am posting — a job that looks very different when doing for-profit work versus work on behalf of political clients.


Notre Dame Football

While enrolled as a full-time student, I also worked roughly 20 hours per week for the media wing of the University of Notre Dame’s athletic department, Fighting Irish Media. As a FIM employee, I contributed to social media, graphic design, video production, and data analysis. While I worked with a dozen different sports, my main focus was Notre Dame football. By the end of my time with FIM, I was managing all socials for ND football on game days in the fall, meaning I was responsible for the social media of second-largest brand in college football. I also proposed, designed, and managed the first live, in-game social media poll, which Notre Dame used during indoor sports to increase fan engagement online.

Pitchfork Economics Podcast

I manage the social media for the podcast Pitchfork Economics, which is in Spotify’s upper 1% of most followed podcasts. The client brought me on to increase the organic reach of the podcast on social media. I implemented a daily posting strategy for Twitter, increasing engagements by more than 200% from 2021 to 2022. Additionally, I introduced the use of Reels to the hosts and producers of the podcasts, allowing them to greatly expand their Instagram reach without any additional work, as they were already recording video of the podcast each week.


Civic Action

Civic Action is an economic advocacy group based in Seattle, Washington. I manage their Facebook and Twitter accounts. When I started, Civic Action was struggling to stand out, as they were primarily posting links to news articles with commentary on the issue. I helped them diversify their content offerings, sending their engagement rate skyrocketing and helping them reach thousands of new supporters for free.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois was looking for help reaching a younger and more diverse audience with information about its Re-entry Services, a program for formerly incarcerated adults seeking employment. I helped LSSI deploy a Snapchat and Instagram campaign that reached a much younger and more varied audience than the program’s message had traditionally found, boosting signups and leads for LSSI and connecting adults in need of assistance with the support they needed.

An example of the video content deployed in paid Snapchat stories to drive traffic to the LSSI Re-entry Services page