Hi there, I’m Ben Testani

Putting words on the internet since 2012

📍Oakland, CA

Ben Testani posing in Porto, Portugal
Sé do Porto

Ben Testani is a digital strategist, aspiring writer, and passionate community organizer. Though originally from Central New York, he is currently based in Oakland, California. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, earning a B.A. in International Economics with a concentration in Arabic and the Middle East. He also majored in Spanish.

Ben launched I’ve Ben Thinking, in 2020 where he researches and writes posts about topics ranging from the shortcomings of class action lawsuits to the racist legacy of Interstate 81’s construction through Syracuse, New York. His writing has been featured by outlets such as Socialist Forum and The Sacto Politico. He is always open to further opportunities to showcase his writing abilities, including freelance commissions.

When he isn’t working or writing, Ben can be found practicing photography, hiking, or playing basketball in the park. You can get in touch with him today.